About Us

Who We Are?

Since the 1960s, our family-owned Cyprus-based company has been involved in metal works. During the 1990s, a transition into a corporate structure under the name of KARSAL has been underway through a series of expansions. As a result of several feasibility studies, the firm has obtained the “Encouragement of Industry” award and started its new investment projects in Lefkoşa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi on a 5,000-metre squared land. Along with the new factory premises, machinery and equipment, our firm successfully grew within its production in the metal, PVC and aluminium sectors, as well as the stainless steel industrial kitchen equipment and ventilation systems. 

The firm is the first and only fully equipped local production company in Northern Cyprus with the “Karsal Endüstriyel Mutfak” brand. All types of stainless steel working tables, hoods, ovens, cold room units, refrigerators etc., are produced with CNC/NC machinery and suited to customers’ preferences.  Karsal is known to fulfil its customers’ needs with well-known products from Turkey and worldwide that complement its products to create world-class kitchens in a wide range of HORECA establishments throughout the island.

By combining its years of experience with advanced technology, Karsal was certified to ISO9001:2000 Total Quality Certificate in 2005 to maintain high standards in their production and increase customer satisfaction. In 2017, our firm obtained CE documents (Certificate of Europe) for its counter and upright refrigerators and freezers, being the first company in North Cyprus to do so for electrical equipment.

Our firm has been developing and manufacturing cooking equipment under EU standards, aiming to obtain CE documentation soon.