Corporate Social Responsibility

Sultan Çukuru

Conservationist, Zehra KARAMUSTAFA, planted about 6000 young trees on his father's land with her capital.

After she donated her land to Cyprus Turkish Education Foundation, she died on the 26th of August 2001. Cyprus Turkish Education Foundation continues its studies to keep that land as an “Ecology Centre” and honour Zehra KARAMUSTAFA’s memory. Sultan Çukuru is greener and more exuberant. Sultan Çukuru lies down like a valley in the middle of a desert. A monument made in Sultan Çukuru will honour Zehra KARAMUSTAFA’s memory.

Our family member and green lover, Zehra KARAMUSTAFA, has made an ecologic plant with her efforts in Dağyolu / Sultan Çukuru. As a family company, we presented a significant effort to develop planting activities during this process.